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Peach Cobbler

I love stone fruit, it always makes me think of my Pop. When I was little he used to pick fruit at local orchards and he would take me with him all the time, I must have eaten my weight in nectarines every week, I loved them! I still love stone fruit, nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums they are all amazing! When I was shopping on the weekend I found these huge peaches that smelt incredible! As soon as I saw them I thought of peach cobbler.

Peach Cobbler |


Iced Vovo Mousse Parfait

This dessert was inspired by Marc’s love of Iced Vovo biscuits.

Have you tried them? They are a shortbread biscuit with raspberry jam, marshmallow and coconut. They are delicious and a childhood favourite for most Australians.


Banoffee Split

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Banoffee Pie takes me back to my childhood. I can’t remember the first time I tried it, it’s one of my Mum’s favourites but we never had it often. It was a special occasion dessert.

Is there a particular dessert that reminds you fo your childhood or your family?

I love it more because its still something I still make for special occasions, I love the process.


Chocolate Panna Cotta with Fresh Mint Jelly

Who does love chocolate??? I have a friend who is allergic to chocolate and even he loves it and still eats it. Whenever i make something with chocolate in it I always give him a warning of how safe it is for him.

I know he’s going to eat it anyway so I figure I should be mindful of the fact that he is allergic and let him know how much chocolate is in it.