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Coconut Waffles with Caramelised Pineapple

All week I look forward to our sunday breaksfasts. Sunday mornings always go at a different pace for us, sometimes we have a lot on sundays and sometimes our sundays are super chill, but no matter what we have going on we always take time to make something delicious for breakfast and sit down at the table together without our phones or anything to distract us and enjoy opur breakfast together.

This is something we have been doing for the past year and it makes a huge difference.


Fruit Salad Parfait

Happy Sunday!

Do you love or hate sunday? I love it because it is almost always my day at home, I get to cook, work on the blog, spend time with my husband, read a book, take a bath, spend time with our animals it’s my day to do whatever I want without the pressure of needing to be somewhere, but sunday evenings are bittersweet. I always have such a great day on sunday and then once it’s coming to a close I realise I have another week of work and commitments before I get my day again.


My Ultimate BLT

This is a sandwich that Marc and I have all the time. We eat it anytime of the day, it’s easy to prepare and flexible enough to be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And you can adapt it suit your tastes or what you have on hand.


Raspberry Meringue French Toast

Raspberry Meringue French Toast is my idea of the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. It’s just so good!!

I starts with a base of sourdough french toast, then it’s topped with a quick raspberry compote then piled high with meringue and blow torched. You may think it would be super sweet but the raspberry compote adds a tartness and brings balance to this breakfast.


Scrambled Egg and Maple Bacon Croissants

I worked in a cafe when I was 19 where we served a egg and bacon croissant, it was amazing. Any sunday I wasn’t working i would go in and eat that croissant for breakfast.

I have been thinking about creating my own version of that croissant for quite some time and I am so happy with what I came up with.