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vegetarian breakfast bruschetta

happy sunday friends!! how is your weekend going? did you do anything fun last night? or do you have fun mothers day plans today? do they include brunch?? they should totally include brunch! we took Marc’s Mum out for dinner last night to this awesome old time music hall, they have a whiskey bar, over 70 rums from around the world and live music. it was such a fun night! and today i am cooking brunch for Marc and my parents in law, they stayed with us last night.

vegetarian breakfast bruschetta |


hash browns with bacon, avocado & poached egg

aren’t hash browns the best?? There are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and hopefully perfectly salted…. mmmm…. they bring me such breakfast joy! I have never been able to make successful hash browns at home until recently and once i figured it out i knew i need to share with you guys! let’s all make hash browns and have an internet brunch! oh and we can have cocktails! truly bottomless cocktails and we can stay in out pyjamas and no one can judge us!

Potato Rosti with Bacon, Avocado & Poached Egg |


Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Happy Sunday Friends! How is your weekend going so far? We saw 2 movies back to back at the cinema yesterday with friends, we saw Fate of the Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. They were both so good, we are huge fast and the furious fans and I loved the nod to Paul Walker they added in this movie and for me this movie was less predictable, there was lots of twists. And Guardians of the Galaxy OMG! Huge Marvel fan right here I LOVED IT!! It had humour and action and baby Groot and who doesn’t love baby Groot??? I don’t want to say to much and spoil it for you but it was amazing!!

This morning I am sharing my new obsession smoothie bowls!!

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl |


Earl Grey Tea Pancakes with Brown Sugar Cream & Strawberries

Happy Sunday beautiful people!! I made you pancakes!!! But not just any pancakes, these are the exact pancakes I will be making myself for my birthday. I love pancakes, they are my favourite breakfast food and I always make them for myself for my birthday breakfast. I have been thinking abut making earl grey pancakes for a while and I don’t know why I waited so long.

Earl Grey Pancakes with Brown Sugar Cream& Strawberries |