Birthday Wish List 18.04.2017 |

I turn 30 in one week, I am still feeling good about it. The only birthday I ever got thingy about was when I turned 22, I had a meltdown the day before. I thought it meant I had to be a real adult. I find the older I get the more comfortable I am with myself and the happy I am. How about you? Have you ever freaked out about a certain birthday?

This week my wish list is all things I would loooove to get for my birthday, a couple I am planning on buying myself, but things I love and have been eyeing off for a while.

  1. My favourite ever candle! Dusk’s Salted Butter Caramel┬áIt smells like heaven.
  2. Marc brought me a pandora bracelet for Christmas a couple of years ago and I only add charms that remind me of things. I have one that is the colour we chose for our wedding, one from New Zealand amoung a few others. This cute Mickey and Minnie one reminds me of our wedding day, we had 9 disney quotes in our vows.
  3. Soft long sleeved tops are my favourite pajama tops for winter and I need some new ones. This grey waffle top is perfect!
  4. I have a heap of mismatched wine glasses, quite a few have been broken from us moving and I would dearly love a nice new set like these stunners!
  5. Have you seen the rainbow cutlery all over social media?? I am in LOVE with them and I finally found a set thats not $300 of 4 pieces.
  6. How much fun do spiralisers look? Have you seen the gorgeous zuchinni noodles? To make them I absolutely need a spiraliser and what better than one for my kitchenaid mixer??
  7. I have been wanting Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook since it came out and I still don’t have it. So I have finally decided to buy it myself!
  8. Every woman needs a great pair of blue jeans right?
  9. Lastly a new Fitbit Alta, I have a Fitbit Flex at the moment which is good, but I’ve had it for a few years and I think it’s time for an upgrae.


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