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I’m Rachael Barnett, recently married loving my new last name and still getting used to it 🙂

I started this blog to share my love of food with all of you. I adore food. I have recently become more adventurous in the food i eat, when i was younger i was a very picky eater and even if i hadn’t tried something (like olives) i would refuse to try it because i didn’t like it, logical right??

So now whenever i eat out if there is something on the menu i haven’t tried i normally order that.

As for the kind of food i love to cook, initially i loved baking but i have expanded my cooking abilities and now unless we are barbecuing i always cook, i know i know i should make my husband cook sometimes, but honestly i don’t want him to. If I’ve had a bad day cooking calms me down and helps me process the day, although…. I cannot bake when i’m angry, i mean i can, it’s just that when i do everything fails.

So here you will find recipes i love, they might not always be healthy, but that’s OK i’m not here to post healthy recipes all the time, if that’s what your looking for i’m sorry. I just want to share food i love, comfort food, indulgent desserts, smoothies, salads, and everything in between, and maybe some cocktails to cause life’s short so why not enjoy every second of it.

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